"Ihr habt einen der besten Spots und seid einer der besten Veranstalter in Deutschland (mindestens!)." (Aniyo Kore, Oktober 2019)

"Beste Stube, beste Leute, beste Betreuung, OHA! Ihr seid Hoffnungsstifter, Herzwärmer, weitermachen!" (Hund, Februar 2019)

"You seem to have found a perfect concept and a very special idea of how live music should be presented. I truly wish that every club would put as much care, thought and love into their work as you do. Please never stop." (AstroMikeGordon, April 2017)

"The show was sold out, the audience was attentive and so full of love, the sound was excellent, the atmosphere was magical and heart-expanding, the hosts Alex and Torsten were helpful, generous, lovable.  It was a perfect evening, I couldn’t have hoped or dreamed of anything better!" (Xania, Februar 2015)

“Your living room is full of magic and love. Keep up the good sparks!” (Jon Simons, Mai 2013)

“Thank you for the incredible show setting, furious good vibes and for being the warmest hosts an raddest people I have encountered. You two are inspiring. Gute Stube is the coolest thing on planet earth.” (Charlotte Cornfield, November 2012)

“We are overwhelmed! This was a really great time and experience for us!” (Bob & Lisa, Mai 2012)

“You are die Besten. I love the Gute Stube!” (Barbara Manning, April 2012)

“My God, thank you both for a perfect night – I am jealous of everyone yet to play in your great room.” (The Great Park, Mai 2011)

“Keep up the creative healing work you are doing in Darmstadt!!” (Nan Turner, April 2011)

“It’s a quite special programm you have and wonderful triumph for the arts that you have established with your monthly shows.” (Erinn Williams, Oktober 2010)
“Everything was so amazing... The food, the people, the show and the incredible hospitality will stay with us forever.” (The Burning Hell, Mai 2010)

“It’s the best sounding stage I’ve ever played on.” (Construction & Destruction, Mai 2010)

 “I wouldn’t have expected a room full of people sit still and listen to a guy sing in finnish. A lovely place, lovely people and also my favorite Bar in Darmstadt.” (Janne Laurila, April 2010)

„The crowd was great and the atmo in here is amazing.“ (Pétur Ben, Februar 2010)

“Ihr habt hier was ganz Besonderes.” (Karo, Januar 2010)

"I wish there could be Gute Stubes all around the world. You have a special thing going on. Keep it that way.” (Niels Duffhues, Oktober 2009)

“My time here was a dreamy calm in the tumult of tour. What a beautiful thing you two do!” (Wax Mannequin, September 2009)

„Beste Show seit Dad-Gedenken! Keep on turning the shit into gold!“ (The Dad Horse Experience, Januar 2009)

„Es war verdammt noch mal ein wirklich verdammt feines morphisches Resonanzfeld hier. Echt feine Kumpels hier, schöner Platz.“ (Udo Mader, September 2008)

 „Ein Juwel in der Live-Musik-und-so-Landschaft.“ (Buddy & The Huddle, Dezember 2007)

„Ihr seid großartig! Danke Alex und Torsten für ein superschöne Konzertraum und tolle Sound, so tretet ein Künstler gern auf!“ (Janis Elko Oktober 2006)

„War einfach nur cool, hat Super-Spaß gemacht.“ (Bruno Labbadia, Mai 2006)

“Wundervoller Empfang, wundervolles Essen, wundervolle Gastgeber, wundervoller Auftritt, wundervolle Nacht, wundervolles Frühstück... einfach wundervoll!“ (Die Brauseboys, März 2006)

„It’s not often that I feel home when I’m not (at home). Thanks for the fine evening.” (Lee Hollis, Februar 2006)

„Tolle Kartoffelsuppe, grandioses Bühnenbild, coole Anlage und ein derart tolles Publikum, dass es einem fast schon die Tränen in die Augen trieb. Macht unbedingt weiter so. Ein wunderbares Konzept, ein wunderbarer Spielort. Eines der für mich unvergesslichen Tour-Highlights.“ (Martti Mäkkelä, November 2005)